New Windows 10 Screwup...or Virus?


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I have Webroot for my security (5-PC License) and cannot find a virus, but I have three problems I can't ID or eliminate that started all at the same time on my Windows 10 system:

1) There are these stupid blue arrows pointing at each other overlaid on most of my icons and files and folders. Rebuilding icon cache and rebooting does not stop it.
2) Compressed files are no longer indicated by blue filenames.*
3) When setting advanced attribute for file compression, the GUI says it's for the FOLDER the item is in, not the item itself.

*This problem I fixed; During/after system update, some items in File Explorer had been returned to default values. I reset option to indicate file compression and encryption to be indicated in color.

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Stupid Blue Arrows
are just Icons meaning that the file is a shortcut (.ink)


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No, sorry—that's not what those arrows mean. The Shortcut Overlay for Windows icons default placement is lower left corner, and the arrow (singular) is not blue. The ARROWS I speak of are overlaid at the upper right corner of [cualquier] icon (s), and they are pointing at each other, and are oriented NW to SE, at a -45° angle.

Paranoia and suspicion has allowed me to experiment and thus find the correct answer myself: The accursed STUPID arrows indicate FILE COMPRESSION ATTRIBUTE HAS BEEN SET...never MIND that icon titles in blue ALREADY performs that function (indicating that a file or folder or drive is compressed). NOW I have to find out how to turn off the stupid compression
Compression Arrows.png
arrows. Note the two dog-crap icons: The steaming one is uncompressed and the other is not (I did this just to verify theory).


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You have obviously, correctly, diagnosed what they are. Rebuilding the icon cache will remove them.

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