newest driver doesnt work; disabled driver auto install; but windows keeps installing.

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by giantqtipz, May 27, 2011.

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    hey guys,

    so i own an old pc, and i have an SB Audigy LS.

    now there is a new driver on the manufacturer's website but it doesnt work. the only driver that works is the one that comes from Sony's website.

    its an older driver but it works because the newest driver freezes the computer every time i play anything that produces sound (videos, games etc.).

    so i disabled auto driver installation in "change device installation settings". but windows keeps in updating my driver with the newest version, which keeps on freezing my computer.

    so im just wondering what i can do, to COMPLETELY stop my audio driver from updating. or all drivers from updating

    thanks :)
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    If you open Device Manager and right click on the device, properties, driver, there is an uninstall button. I believe if you hit that, you will be given the option to uninstall ALL drivers for the device. Maybe that would clean out the .inf file Windows is using and keep it from wanting to update. But I have not tried, and you will have to reinstall the drivers you want.

    There may be an easier way, but I do not know what it migh be.

    If Windows Update is loading the driver, you can set it so it will not install optional updates which will give you a chance to hide it first.

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