no connection, WWW or Email, even though Network Xtion shows plenty of traffic

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by glennnall, Apr 25, 2012.

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    i've been using a wireless connection successfully until i just moved. newly relocated, i am now using my T-Mobile Hotspot successfully.

    i've attempted to connect via Cat5e to my roommate's modem and get no visible traffic (404 error, no Outlook Send/Receive).

    i also connected to my roommate's wireless successfully, in that the WEP password let me connect, AND my firewall and Network Properties shows plenty of incoming and outgoing traffic - nevertheless i'm still unable to view websites and collect email.

    i can't work off my phone - plus i'd like to learn what i need to know to troubleshoot this networking issue - can someone please lend a hand?

    very grateful,

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