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    Hello all

    Firstly sorry if this is posted in the wrong place, I am not exactly sure what my problem is.

    After downloading Malwarebytes and doing a scan, my computer came up with Bad Image errors, and wouldn't let me connect to the internet even though it said I was connected. However I transferred a virus detection program via a USB, ran it, and my computer was fixed.

    However after that, my TV (Connected to my computers Radeon R9 270x via HMDI) was displaying "No Signal." I then tried connecting it to my motherboard via a VGA cable from my PC to my TV, still displaying "No Signal". After I tried my spare old monitor and connected it to my motherboard via VGA, this was displaying "Going to sleep".

    I've came to the conclusion (that is probably wrong), that my Graphics card driver is not updated. However this would not explain why my computer wouldn't display an image on my TV or Monitor whilst connected to my motherboard.

    I have downloaded the latest Driver onto a CD, however I am struggling to use the CD when I can't see anything on my computer.

    I am also able to use my PC, I just can not see anything. So if I press the Windows Key, Right, Down, Enter, Enter, it would shut down my PC. Or CTRL+ALT+DEL, Press Down x6, then right, I can also switch my PC off.

    Thanks for all your help.
    Regards. Lee.

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