No internet access for "normal" user


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I have a pc with 2 users.
The pc has a fixed ip adress and dns settings.

For the admin user everything works fine. I have access to the local network and to internet.
The "normal" user suddenly doesn't has access to internet anymore, but does has acces to the local network.

Any idea ?


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Make/Model of computer would be helpful. Getting the log neem asked you post will give us that and more.

Most likely you lost you LAN driver due to a failed windows update, or bad program removal, or your PC has been attacked by nasty virus/malware. Today one of the most common and trite things hackers do is get a virus into your system to disable your Internet. In today's world if your computer doesn't work on the Internet, it's basically a very expensive doorstop, eh?

A very easy way to see if you have a failing or faulty hardware component causing this problem such as a NIC, bad RAM stick(s), or faulty Hard Drive is to bypass your W7 entirely. Go to and download the free Ubuntu LiveCD or USB ISO file and burn to DVD disc or USB stick. Reboot your computer after making sure to change your Boot Order preferences with F9, F10, or F12 key (see your User Manual), and boot from Ubuntu media. Run in trial mode, do not install it-->if Ubuntu desktop comes up and you hit the Firefox browser button and the Internet comes up and you can change to common pages such as google,, or, then your NIC (Network Adapter) and Motherboard, RAM are all working and your computer is capable of getting Internet; for the most part. This is a big step, but now you know your computer is capable of getting the Internet, but there's something wrong with your Windows, you're Wi-Fi network adapter, or your Hard Drive (the rest of the components are now known to work--so don't toss that computer in the Trash just yet!). This is indeed positive if you get to this point with this result. :ohyea:

From there, you have to determine if the problem is a failed hardware component (#1 failed component in PCs is the Hard drive after 2 years of age) or a problem with a corrupted windows install or virus/malware damage. To do this, you'll need to perform hardware testing on your computer after making sure to back all critical personal data to external media first!! I wrote a very good Troubleshooting Guide which will help you to determine what repair vector you need to fix the problem and which component, hardware or software is the issue. Here's the link to my Guide:
Windows 10 - Unclickable Task Bar
The Guide will produce a fix about 85% of the time if all steps are followed in order as per the Guide.

Another thing you didn't tell us was whether your connection to the Internet was via wireless or a plugged in physical cable (Ethernet cable). Just because you don't have 1 connection working (say you're on a laptop with a Wi-Fi connection) doesn't mean it won't work with the other connection method (an Ethernet cable hardwired to your router or modem/router combo unit. If you have a wireless connection problem, you can pick up a new 802.11 n USB external Wi-Fi adapter to temporarily fix your problem. If the Ethernet cable produces a good Internet connection, and the USB Wi-Fi plug in adapter produces a good Internet connect, but the built-in wireless card does not; good chance the built-in one is borked.:waah: Make sure to go into the PCs or laptop's BIOS and disable your built-in Wi-Fi adapter (such as RealTek or Broadcom) to allow the plug-in usb NIC to work. This may become a permanent solution, as in most laptops the new WLAN card (the circuit board providing Wi-Fi services inside of your laptop only costs $10 to replace; but can be from $100-$400 in labor or more as getting to the part often involved complete disassembly of the laptop.:headache: It's often cheaper to go to the USB adapter (under $45 US) than to spend hundreds of dollars on a repair that's going to cost nearly as most as a new laptop.;)

Good luck to you and Good weekend to you too,:encouragement: