Windows 7 no internet connection resume from sleep


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hello all, new here and I have a question- I am running 64 bit version of 7 and have an intel pro nic card which has drivers on it from windows update after I installed 7. the problem I am having is that I lose my internet connection after resume from s3 sleep. everything else comes back to life except the internet connection which stays at local only. restarting usually cures this. and it appears to be a dns problem as I have dns errors in event viewer,but I have tried a ton of things to correct this and nothing works. wonder if this is a quirk in the system now or does anybody else have it working.


I have seen this problem in both Windows Vista and in Windows 7. I do not know the cause of it but i tend to just hibernate the pc instead of putting it to sleep and it seems to work just fine. Try That.
I have the same issue with windows 7, and not with Vista. I use Vista as my main so I dont worry about it too much, Plus I sent Microsoft feedback about this issue, so hopefully they get enough complains about it, and fix that for us in the next update.:)