"no speakers or headphones are plugged in"

Hi I am getting the "no speakers or headphones are plugged in" error and the red x over the audio icon. When I check the volume control options I only get ati hdmi output as an option and not the mobo's on board sound card.

I have checked this on the Internet and tried updating my drivers including the realtek ones. I have also enabled the HD sound in my BIOS even though it was not disabled (it was on auto).

I am not shure what to do now.

I have the ASrock mobo N68C-S USS with an Athalon II 640 and ddr 2 667 memory (2gb). My gfx card is the ATI HD 5770 and I have no dedicated sound card. I am running win 7 64bit.

So any ideas?


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What do you show in the Device Manager under the Sound label?

This is the "Oh no" answer, but are you sure you have the plugs in the correct ports? If you have the Realtek drivers installed, you should be able to see which plugs are setup for which inputs/outputs.

The Device Manager shows

- ATI High Definition Audio Device
- High Definition Audio Device

I tried disabling the ATI High Definition Audio Device but that did not solve it.

I have checked the port my head phones are plugged in on and this is correct. I also tried the others just to be on the safe side.

I am not sure how to check the Realtek thing but if I open sound by right clicking on the sound Icon the only device that shows is the ATI HDMI Output.


I pluged in my USB headphones and the audio worked though them. But the mobo audio out port still does not work.

Still want to find a solution to this if anyone has any ideas?


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From what I can tell, the Realtek device is the Ethernet controller and not sound.

Have you tried loading the Chipset drivers for your board? I notice the Board Specs say 5.1 audio, but the attachment doesn't look like it.

You may need to load a legacy driver for your system, and make sure you do not have digital audio out checked. I can't seem to find where the digital audio is set, but you might see it.

I put all the drivers that came on the CD on the computer and I have downloaded the latest "all in one" driver and audio drivers from the Website and installed them. Turns out that the audio driver has not been updated as far as I can see and so has no legacy driver that I can find.

I have looked for some form of check box for the digital audio but have been unable to find anything useful.

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