No surround via HDMI (Asus M4A785TD-V EVO)


As said in the topic. I can`t get surround sound over the HDMI.
I have tried old drivers, and forworth to the newest. Nothing gives me surround.

I have a Yamahasurround reciver that gives me the sound. And it works anything else I have tried on it.

Inside windows, if I trie to go to sound options, goes to configuration on the HDMI inside sound opt.
I can`t get anything else than stereo.

Is there a way to fix this problem?

Hope someone can help me?




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Have you loaded any special drivers for the onboard audio? I notice there is an HDMI driver on the Asus site listed under Others.

There are a couple of settings in the Bios, which you have probably already checked, but perhaps you need to turn off HD to the front panel to get it to the back panel.

I do not see any cables that need to be connected internally the way you might have to do with a separate video card.

Are you able to get HD audio out of the optical port?

I haven`t tried in the bios. I will look in to it, and post back this evning.


I have now tried all the things about sound inside BIOS, no help there.

I have tried many drivers, and still I can`t get durround.
I trie different sound tracs inside VLC and XBMC, this is in AC3, WMA and WMV files.

Ok, I have now tried everything.. And it still don`t work..

Right now I hate asus!!!

I have conected a s/pdif cabel instead, and it works rigth a way..

Don`t want to cables, but I have to..

Hate, hate hate...




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Let me do some checking. Hopefully there is nothing mechanically wrong with your system and it is just missing some driver.

Could you give me the exact model of the Yahama receiver? You are not running the HDMI cable to a video device, just that receiver, or through the receiver?


I have Yamaha RX-V 767.
I run All my dvices thrug the reciver.. Just one cable from the reciver to the TV. Everything else is in the reciver.

Hope this info helps.


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I was unable to find a Owner's Manual for the unit but I did see this, which is what we have been doing.

***If using HDMI from PC, verify that the HDMI output supports both audio and video. If you are unable to successfully connect your PC via HDMI, the HDMI output may not be enabled and/or may require a firmware update. Call the PC manufacturer for assistance and current firmware if available.***
Unless there is an input setting for a different type of sound format (pcm), I do not see anything with the receiver.

You said you had installed the HDMI driver from the ASUS website, so that should not be the problem.

You have probably made sure the bios settings are correct.

Front Panel Select [HD Audio]
Probably just for the front panel, but check the SPDIF Out setting

AMD 785 HDMI Audio [Enabled/Disabled]

HDAudio Controller [Enabled]

Beyond this, I can only suggest a mechanical problem, such as a bad HDMI cable or a problem on the motherboard.

I have tried what you say.
Eaven tried with many cables.

So I belive it is the motherboard that is the problem.

The reciver says PCM if it gets sound at all from the HDMI. And thats it.

I now use s/pdif optical cable, and it works now.

I don`t watch to many HD movies with HD sound yet, but if I want it will only support DTS. Am I right?


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