No TCPIP properties after recovery

After restoring an old XP Home machine to initial state, I can't seem to connect to the internet. The machine is working fine with my workgroup (Win 7, 8.1 & 10 systems on that group), but TCP/IP doesn't show up in the LAN Properties.

I am using an ARRIS gateway (cable modem, router & switch), and as I said the network portion seems to be OK, but when I right click the LAN there is no PROPERTIES tab, so no where to set up TCPIP. Microsoft used to offer an auto fixit, but they retired it.

Any ideas why I have no TCPIP properties? BTW, I can ping from and to this computer using TCPIP addresses, and I can actually use a browser to connect to MSN & Bing (maybe the HOSTS file has TCP/IP address that don't need to be resolved by DNS???).

Since I restored, the browser is an OLD copy of IE (ver 6), and obviously all the updates are not applied.

I remember having this issue a long time ago (no internet, but workgroup working OK).

Any help is appreciated.


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I would look at method 6 for re-installing TCP/IP Fix: One or More Network Protocols Are Missing - Side note, I wouldn't even allow this computer to access the internet. Windows XP is EOL and there are a ton of known unpatched exploits, so you're just asking for trouble.

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