Nokia Lumia 1530?

I am planning in the very near future to upgrade my current phone to the Windows Phone 8.1 Nokia Lumia 1520(as soon as the 8.1 update becomes available for these phones and I have the time), and am very excited to get this phone. I've only heard very vague rumors about the Lumia 1530, so I was wondering if anybody had any information about if and/or when the Nokia Lumia 1530 would become available. Is it worth waiting a few months(a few months being a very general time frame) for the 1530? Is there even going to be a 1530? And if it comes out, will it be soon? I've only heard good things about the "supposed" concept designs of the 1530, so I'm very curious. And I apologize if this is not the right forum to post this in, but it seemed appropriate.


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Nokia doesn't have it listed on their site yet. Give this site and it's forums a try for more info, I did a search on it and only came up with a b*llsh*t site that wasn't even really about it. It had like four or five pictures. Only one, was supposedly of it. However the site didn't state anything like a release date or price. Like it said it did in Bing. Give the WPCentral a try.

Thank you, I will inquire for more information on that site. From what you've said, I should just buy the 1520 right now?

Lumia 1530 Must have this Specifications:
Chipset: Snapdragon that support 64 Bit


-Primary: 30 megapixels with Dual Led Flash
-Secondary camera: Yes, 3 megapixels , 1080p@30fps


-Dimensions: 162.8 x 85.4 x 8.7 mm, 120.3 cc (6.41 x 3.36 x 0.34 in )

- IP68 certified - dust proof and water resistant over 3 meter and 30 minutes


- 6 inches Ultra HD

-multi touch: Yes, up to 10 fingers


- internal: 32 GB up to 124 Gb ( with memory Card ) Ram: 3Gb

-Card Slot: micro Sd

Battery: 4000 mAH

Os: Windows 10

Others: Display a blinking LED notification In Windows Button when there are missed calls, voicemails, emails, text messages (SMS) etc

Internet Explorer: Support Java, and adobe flash player to watch for example football matches Live

Bluetooth, wifi, wifi direct, Nfc and Fm radio ...

With Finger reconition

Then 100% Sure Lumia will beat the market of SmartPhone



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All Windows Phones need to be able to use a 128GB. microSD card. It's a must have feature. The 32GB. of internal storage on the Lumia 1520 with no microSD card slot doesn't cut it anymore. Especially now that app's are beginning to be universal.From various different site's that cover Windows Phone, their are rumors of a Lumia 1330, but no Lumia 1530. In my opinion the Lumia 1330 is only better in the camera department. The screen is only 5". That's a downgrade from both the Lumia 1320 & 1520's 6" screen. Both now need to support 4K video, too. When Microsoft decides to release them. Microsoft, also need's to take the firmware updates out of the phone carrier's hand and give them to us from Microsoft directly through Phone Update. This new firmware and phone o.s. updates being released and having to wait forever for carriers to release either is b******t.

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