Windows 10 Nonexistant USB Drives


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On My "This PC" page, I show 4 extra nonexistent USB drives.
Little doubt they showed up when I used some thumb drives.
In my PCs POST setup there are shown 4 extra drives, "General MassStorage Drive Class 2952", numbers 00 thru 03.
I believe these point towards the same nonexistent drives.
While I'm curious as to how they got there I'm more interested in how to get rid of them.
How can I get rid of them?


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Devices such as optical drives and media card readers will show up extra devices. Clicking on them will result in a informational message or error since no media is plugged in.


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Thank you,
I had installed a case front card reader a few weeks ago plugging it into a connection on the mobo.
It has 2 card slots and 2 USB ports on it, 4 total.
When I plug a card into one of the slots, the card shows up on one of the extra drives.
I believer you have explained it to me.
They have a use.
Don't need to get rid of them.
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