Windows 8 Norton blocking Allshare

I am running Windows 8 and Norton is blocking my Allshare on my Samsung.I never had this problem when I was on iMac.
What can I do to stop Norton blocking my filesharing sites and allow access to Allshare?


well to be totally honest with you IMO Norton has seen better days (circa 2002) since then it has become increasingly less user friendly to the point where many IT enthusiasts simply avoid using it. Personally I prefer to use the default Windows Defender coupled with Malwarebytes. This is an extremely effective barrier to infection that is used by many and is totally free.

(I would un-install Norton and then use the removal tool to make sure it's all gone)
Norton removal tool:

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Malwarebytes : Free anti-malware download

This page will show you how to configure Norton to allow file sharing if you'd rather keep it:

EasyLI Done Series Tutorials: How to Configure the Norton Internet Security Personal Firewall to Allow File Sharing


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I would also uninstall Norton right away. Waste of space IMO.

I am presently using AVG AV 2013 free. Another alternative is the default Windows Defender.

Agreed - Norton has become a bloated application of nanny minder mentality - won't allow it within light years of any pc I own - I rely on MS firewall and Defender and have no problems.