Not a problem. Just wonder why or how.


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Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1 IE10.

Today I ran into a peculiar issue. Problem is fixed using system restore.
I just wonder if anyone can shed some light as to why or how did that happen......

I clicked Start > All Programs. Instead of seeing what should be on screenshot #1, I saw screenshot #2 instead.
System restore brought back the programs missing from screenshot #1.
Anyone knows why ?

screenshot #1:

screenshot #2:



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I noticed from the slider that you are looking at different parts of the list. The list goes in alphabetical order and then starts the alphabet over with another list. I'm sure there is some kind of logic behind this. Could the answer be that simple?


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Perhaps, I have not stated the situation properly. I though all Vista and Win 7 users would know what I meant.

Let me clarify......
Usually when one clicks at Start > then clicks All Programs, one will first see the programs shown similar to the ones in screenshot #1 > and if one scrolls down, one will see programs similar to those shown in screenshot #2.

What happened to me was..... I was missing those in screenshot #1. All I could see were those shown in screenshot #2.
System restore fixed the issue. I just wonder what caused that.

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It's windows....need I say

All kidding aside, did you try a reboot before a system store? If so, did the same thing happen.


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I don't recall about reboot.
Anyway, not that important. Just curious.

I stupidly installed VSO Downloader from CNET. It is supposed to be able to download any video and audio files from the internet.
The moment I had it downloaded my Default Home Page,which was, had become Conduit home page.
Took me another system restore to be back to normal.
Went through Internet manage add-ons, program files x86, and then registry hunting for Conduit. GEEZZZ .


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My system was declared clean by Walwarebytes ( on-demand ) and Avast before I met Conduit.
Guess what ? Malwarebyes just found 63 PUPs.
God Damn !!!


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Yeah....I try and stay away from CNET downloads...I'd rather use file hippo, major geeks or softpedia just for that reason. Now, CNET has that stupid ass downloader thing. I remember when CNET used to be the place to get just about any free/trial it's like ass.

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