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I have windows 8.1 installed on my pc. I have got to say this is is the most nerve racking, hair pulling out recovery system by far. It has crashed and trying to get it to recover is more trouble than worth. Now that I have somewhat, mind you after a week of trying everything, even by their steps. I'm not finding the uefi in the recovery. None of the ways that has been put to my attention has lead me to the bios. I desperately want to uninstall this os and I can't. I have been down without my main computer for a week and very frustrated. If there is any help for me out here in this forum I would be greatly appreciative for the help.


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Check your bios if you have enabled legacy boot.


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1. what was on the compter before you had 8.1?
2. what make, model and type is the computer? i.e. is it an Asus laptop or a gyabit desktop.

Windows 8.1 upgrade disables the old system and can't be un-installed... that is by design.

Hi Lorirockholt,

If Windows 8 operating system doesn't fit you, you can always downgrade into Windows 7, Below I will explain step-to-step on how to install Windows 7 if you choose to.

Please note: this process requires you to format your drive, save all your files if you will continue!
Please note: I do not take ANY responsibility of ANY problem or damage that might occur during the process, use at your own risk.
First of all you will need to decide what device you will use to install Windows 7, this can be a CD or a USB, which I recommend to have more than 4GB of space.

You are now ready to download the .ISO image.

After you have the .ISO image file on your computer, you want to burn or make a bootable USB device, you can use programs such as WinToFlash for USB or other software.

When you have the image file burned or copied into your USB or CD, you can plug in the USB/CD device into your computer, restart the computer, press the BIOS setup key (such as F8, F11, F2) repeatedly right when your computer is turned on, until the BIOS menu comes up.

Then what you want to do is setup the BIOS to boot the USB/CD device before or instead of the operating system which I will not explain.

You should go directly into the Windows 7 installation, format the drive where you will install Windows 7 and wait for the setup to install.

You're done! you should now be using Windows 7.
f you need any help, please be sure to reply.
You need more detailed information? please be sure to reply.
Thank you, and I hope this helps, from raxor.

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