>>not opening games<<

At first when i installed and opened game(fifa13) it said RLDEA.DLL file was missing...then i downloaded rldea.dll file...my antivirus software would delete it,but i arranged setting amd blocked my antivirus from deleting .dll files.....|Now when every file is present and my game intstalled properly(after reinstalling 2 times)| when i open the game it tries to open but in few seconds it closes....IT DOESNT OPEN!! please help me..i want chance to play..


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Try doing a google/bing search for the dll and also for any FIFA 13 patches/updates. Download and save any and install them. Also disable your antivirus software while gaming and reenable it afterward's when you're done gaming. See if those step's fix your problem.

H!...thax for your help Brkkab.now i have installed all ''.dll '' files and computer doesnt show any .dll file missing...than i diabled all antivirus,windows defender as you said...but now when i open the game my computer goes full black only showing mouse pointer then when i double click the screen it returns back to desktop and nothing.....now i m really afraid...now what should i do?


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Did you do the search for game patches/update's ? It's either the game crashing or your video card. Don't try to play any games for now. Reenable your antivirus software. P.S. You're not using a 2nd antivirus program are you? Windows Defender in Windows 8 is actually Microsoft Security Essentials. It is a antivirus program. If you have 2 av programs your pc will repeatedly crash/lockup/freezeup. If you have 2 uninstall one. Then Do the search for game updates and video card driver's. Download any, redisable the av and install the updates and driver's. Restart your pc and reenable the av software.


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Installing dll files separately isn't necessarily the best thing to do. Like brkkab notes, you should get all game updates and patches, and install them in a proper way = unistall the game, then reinstall. Also, I agree with him that you should reinstall / update your video card drivers. Sound can sometimes cause problems, go to Control Panel\Device Manager and check that you don't have any question marks there.

What I don't really agree with, is disabling your Security programs. If you do that, you should also unplug your Internet connection, since we never know what programs run. Especially playing on-line could be hazardous.

Finally, not a bad idea to make a thorough scan with your AV, and Malwarebytes Pro, use the 30 day free trial. These scans are best done in Safe Mode, press F8 repeatedly after the BIOS post, and start them from there. To check your registry with CCleaner wouldn't harm. Nor to defrag your disk after all this.

And, it's always good to give System specs. Best wishes.

hello again!!my pc is in secure condition protected with antivirus,no errors,fully scanned ,no threats...and i again uninstalled fifa 13 bought new and installed but still trys to open littel bit but doesnt open no matter how hard i try....all drivers have been updated also..why doesnt it open?? i worked whole day making my computer in good shape....ONLY PROBLEM NO GAME OPENS [windows 7 professional 32-bit(6.1,build 7601)


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Did you check the minimum hardware requirements (video card, RAM, etc.) of the game to see if your machine is capable of handling it?


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It's probably not your computer it's probably something to do with the game.

I've seen a few different fixes, so you can give them a try if you want...

Run a search for "FIFA 13 won"t start"...

You'll get a long list of hits, I'm not selecting a specific fix because there seems to be a lot of different answers from different people.
There are even YouTube videos about it.


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