Windows 7 Not supporting native resolution LG W2242


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Not really sure why...supposed to run at a 1680 x 1050 native resolution, but the best I can get is 1440x900. For whatever reason windows is setting the refresh to 70Mz... What's up with that?.
I've installed the LG vista drivers, and am using the Nvidia window 7 driver.

Any suggestions on how to get the monitor to run 1680x1050 at 60 mhz'd be appreciated.
I am having a similiar issue with a Samsung SyncMaster 220WM. Native resolution of the monitor is 1680x1050, however, when I set it to that resolution, I get approximately 20% overscan on every side of the screen. Running a Gateway m-6816 laptop if that helps anyone out with a possible solution.
Hi people,
I've used x64 version of build 6801 and 6936 of Win7 and both of them worked fine for my daily works. Yesterday, I upgraded from build 6936 to the newly released 7000 build and afterwards I'm having problem with the resolution of my secondary monitor attached to my notebooks external display port. It worked fine with both of the older builds with the resolution 1680x1050, which is the recommended resolution for the monitor. I've had a problem with build 6801, however I could solve it by changing the monitor driver to a custom one I made using Rivatuner. This time nothing I've done has worked, so I would be happy if you can help me by sharing your experience.
I've tried following configurations with my Win7 build 7000 x64 and my NVIDIA Geforce Go 7600 display adapter:
1. Installed drivers from WindowsUpdate (with Antivirus software turned off), tried to change resolution, stuck at 1600x1200.
2. Changed monitor driver to a custom made with the resolution 1680x1050 defined, stuck at 1600x1200.
3. Installed 185.20 drivers from NVIDIA, using different monitor drivers, stuck at 1600x1200.
4. Edited registry keys at HKLM\System\Currentcontrolset\Control\Video with 1680x1050 resolution at refresh rate 60. Can see the resolution in Screen Resolution menu but when trying to apply it, stuck at 1600x1200.
5. Uninstalled all display drivers and installed drivers from NVIDIA and/or WinUpdate, stuck at 1600x1200.
6. Tried to create custom resolutions with unchecked "Hide modes that the monitor cannot display, tried to test the custom resolution of 1680x1050, it worked in older builds, but in build 7000, it even don't tries to test (no screen flickering) and gives "Custom Mode Failed" error, stuck at 1600x1200.
7. Create custom resolution with advanced settings and all timing options, same custom mode failed message without screen flickering, stuck at 1600x1200.
8. Installing older version display drivers from NVIDIA 170 and 180 series drivers, stuck at 1600x1200.
Anyone experiencing the same problem? Anyone knows what else to do? Since I've experienced the same problem with 6801 build and could get over it by changing the monitor driver, it is now strange, why this solution even not works for this build. Anyway, any help would be appericiated..
Updates (not so really):
- Made a clean install of Win7 bulid 7000 x64. No program installations made to be sure, just the updates from Windows Update and all not found drivers. Tried the 1680x1050 resolution with the driver came from Windows Update, no luck, still max resolution 1600x1200.
- Made a clean install (not again, just restored the clean backed up install with Acronis True Image Home ), installed 181.20 drivers from Nvidia, no luck, still max resolution 1600x1200.
- Made a clean install (restore to be honest), installed 185.20 drivers from Nvidia, no luck, still max resolution 1600x1200.
- In every condition, I also changed the monitor driver to a custom made, which has worked in Vista, and in builds 6801 and 6936, no luck, still max resolution 1600x1200.
Giving up on build 7000. There is a problem whether with the display driver system or monitor driver. (actually also changed the monitor driver files, with the ones in 6936, no luck, still max resolution 1600x1200.)
Anybody else having such an issue? Wanna share experiences, opinions? All comments very welcome!

After some search with google, it seems like, the resolution problem will stay as pain with dual or single monitors in systems using NVIDIA cards.
So, it make sense to know for all, if NVIDIA graphic card users with or without secondary monitor experiencing the problem about the screen resolution and not being able to use the native resolution of their monitors.
In all cases and all seems to be possible solutions, I've had no luck and the highest resolution I could get was 1600x1200. NVIDIA's control panel gives "custom mode test failed" error without even testing the resolution, if you try to test a custom resolution.
Shame that this problem wasn't part of the older builds and now with the public beta there it is..
PS: For the ones, that use older builds with succesfully native solutions of their monitors, please don't think that the upgrade will be ok without a problem, this has been done before and it ends in the same way! :)
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