NTLDR fixes not working

My 8800 gt GPU died on me..so I ordered a 460 SC from EVGA. I install it, and first boot tells me "NTLDR is missing". Never has done this until I installed the new GPU. So on the laptop I research this and try all the fixes suggested including bootrec.exe /fixmbr...no good. /fixboot...no good. Used the Repair startup from the vista cd and says no errors.

So I found the guide at THIS link that tells me how to rebuild the boot.ini from scratch. Can't get that part to work because command prompt cant find the /boot folder it references to. (Step 3 and 4)

One more note...Vista loads fine now only with the Vista DVD in the drive. Any ideas anyone?


There is no boot.ini on Vista or 7.

Remove all external storage devices from the machine including USB sticks and HDDs.

Run a startup repair up to 3 times consecutively by booting to the 7 DVD until the issue is fixed.

Found out there was no boot.ini for vista shortly ago so that explains that part. I've been running the startup repair a lot each time i have the install window up but still does nothing. No floppy, no external drives attached. Nothing attached but my monitor, headset, keyboard, mouse and ethernet cable. Do have 2 hard drives though. One was wiped and formatted and used as extra storage and this one is my main, never had XP on this drive. Did reset the bios a few days before the vid card went out. Will check the boot order while I'm at it. Any other ideas?

Boot sequence got out of order after I reset the board. Storage drive defaulted as 1st to boot for some unknown reason. Switched my main drive and now seems to boot normally. Saw in another thread from one of the links about that being a possibility of the problem. Spent about 2 hours for something so simple. Gotta love it. Thanks for the quick reply Torrentg

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