Windows 7 NVidia Drivers for 7

F*ck!! :eek:

At last! Win 7 Nvidia Drivers!
I'm sure that these drivers will solved my problem with 75hz in 1280x1024

Thanks for tell to us!

Now I'm in my work, I will download this drivers when I get to home joajoa!

Thanks for the advice! :razz::razz:
Done right !!!!!!

Now that is what I call doing it right. The software uninstalls the old driver and then lets you install the new driver. That is the way you need to do it!!! ;)

Thanks Thomas :cool:
3DS Max 8 and nvidia 5200 FX

I have encounter a bit of a strange error whilst using 3D studio max 8, in each of the view ports within the program, instead of seeing the object that you working on from the prespective angle (top, side...) the viewport is whited out :confused:

I have just downloaded some more drivers from nvidia, and will be testing them later, but if anyone else has encounted this problem, please let me know, and how you worked around it.
Driver issue and gaming

If you're a gamer, especially on COD of any flavor, you might get a "Buffer Overrun" issue with the latest drivers. Stick with anything below 191.07 and you shouldn't have that issue. The latest drivers from Nvidia's site appears to give you too many colors, thus overloading the buffer. I experienced it and once I rolled my driver back I was fine.

This is just a suggestion. Do what you wish however.