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Your memory is set wrong at the moment.

In your bios setup, set the DRAM values 667Mhz 5-5-5-15. Then save, reboot, and re-attach CPU-Z memory + Rammon -- so I can see if the new settings have taken effect.

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I've done that and for the moment i don't get any bsod.
Here is the screenshot : Imageshack - 87209500.jpg

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I was playing bulletstorm and i get a BSOD but somehow different.
Same bsod but somehow different.

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I was playing bulletstorm and i get a BSOD but somehow different.
Same bsod but somehow different.
Because your memory frequency is still 622Mhz, while you need it 667.

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And how can i make it 667?
In bios i only have 5 options : 200,400,522,667,800.
Something like that.
I have selected 667.

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Re-attach the CPU-Z memory tab, let's see if it's right.

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And what i can do?
As i said i don't have 622 mhz in bios just 667 and i selected it.

Tell me your motherboard model name, give link to its product description page.

It has support for DDR667 -- 4 x DIMM, max. 8GB, DDR2 800/ 667/ 533.

I don't see any downloads for it, nor do I see its name exactly to search at ASUS support, but the motherboard does come with the user manual. You can also try setup defaults in the bios, it'll reset everything including the dram settings. I would recommend to try it set manually 667Mhz 5-5-5-15.

Yes,I understand that but there are more than 4 values there.
Look at the screenshot Imageshack - fotografie0056.jpg
and tell me what values should i put at CAS latencity,TRAS,TRP,TRCD,TRRD,TRC.

The frequency looks right there, 667, CAS Latency on Auto should set them right. If you get any blue screens again, then try setup defaults for the entire bios.

Hi again!
It's me after a week of tring to fix things I gave up.
I have tried million of metods but nothing seems to work.
All metods that you said didn't work.
Now i installed a new OS(Vista -> Xp) but i get error from 5 to 5 minutes.
I got BSOD even from browsing on internet.
Here is my dump file : 2shared - download Minidump.rar
Here are some screenshots : ImageShack Album - 4 images
Please don't tell me to remove a stick of RAM because that didn't work.

BugCheck 116, 101.

The above screen shots reveal you have 1024Mb Kingmax 800mhz in slot#3 and 2048Mb Nanya 667Mhz in slot#4.
The problem is that the sticks are not matching each other's specs and this is why you are getting blue screens.
Remove Kingmax and put the Nanya stick in slot#1. Then load setup defaults in the bios.

I would try that now and reply immediatly.

Attach CPU-Z memory and Rammon so I can see hopefully the right new settings.

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