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I'm trying to find a means to install this hard drive monitor, which I got free from O&O quite some time ago. I can't now remember whether it was installed with a license key or not, but if so I guess that I didn't copy it to my archive.

I tried to copy/paste the directory from the old installation to the new one, but when I select the .exe, it just pops a dialog saying that registration wizard couldn't be loaded and to reinstall the app. I could buy it, but I would rather save the $30 if possible. I don't feel that there is anything improper in this, because they gave it to me in the first place, and it is on the same computer as before.

EDIT: Thought that I had solved the problem, because I rummaged around in my email's webpage, until I found the one that had my license key. Unfortunately, it appears that it was good only for a limited time, because now it says that it is invalid when I try to use it. I may have to break down and buy it after all.


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This question is no longer applicable, because O&O conveniently had one of their sales, so I bought a new license. I'm pretty sure that I could have just editted the registry to enter the license key of the old installation, but it wasn't worth the hassle.