Odd Screensaver Issue...

I've done a fairly cursory search through the forum, and haven't seen my specific issue mentioned, so here goes.

I have Win7 and the screensaver is acting weird.

Before anyone asks, I've checked all the settings regarding the amount of time before the screensaver comes on, before the computer goes to sleep, power settings, and that sort of thing. None of them have anything to do with this issue.I have also altered, over the past few weeks, all the settings on when the screensaver should come on, password setting, etc. to try to see if that had any effect. It did not.

The screensaver won't come on by itself, unless it's from a cold start up, or if I reboot. That means to me that something is running that is preventing it from starting. So, I checked the Windows Task Manager, and found that it is still running in the background, by checking the "running processes" There's no way to say this that isn't awkward to me, but if I have the screensaver running because the computer has been idle long enough, and come back to it and move the mouse or press a key on the keyboard, the desktop comes back up. I don't know what that process is called, "reawakening"?

Anyway, if I go into the Task Manager and do an "end process" on the screensaver program, it will then come on by itself after the set idle time elapses, the next time I let it go unused for that long. Then, in order to get it to come back on again, I have to go back to Task Manager and End Process to get it to ever come back. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

The problem is this: What do I have to do to make the screensaver stop running entirely when the computer comes back up after being idle long enough to turn the screensaver on?



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it probably thinks that it's still being confiured, to fix this, press the "Windows Key + R" and then type in "msconfig" and when that opens click on "Startup". Now, uncheck the Screen Saver process and restart your Computer. If you can't find this process, then that isn't the cause of it. So I have one more trick up my sleve, try to make the delay "1 min" and then click "apply".
Wait for a minute and see what happens, if it turns black, then your screensaver isn't working correctly, and you'll need to choose a new one. If nothing happens, then I don't know what to tell you. :)

Interesting.... Never thought of these.

I did the msconfig, and there was nothing related to the screensaver there.

I went into the settings for the delay, reduced it from 9 minutes to 1 minute, clicked apply, sat there, and nothing happened. Then I realized I hadn't shut off the screensaver by "end process" in the task manager, so I went and did that, only to see two instances of it. Shut them both off, and after one minute, the thing came on. Moved the mouse, the desktop came up, and checked the task manager. One instance, still running.

No joy.

I'm stumped.


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I have one last thing to try, download this and make it run everytime you start your PC. It's something I made so that your screensaver process is killed. Link: stop screensaver.bat

Thanks, but I'm not downloading anything from someone I don't know.

There's a fix inside Windows7, and that's what I need.


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You bought Windows 7 from Microsoft, and you don't know who made that CD!
I am just messing with you, I understand, you don't want a jacked up Screensaver AND a virus.
I don't know what to tell you though. It just doesn't make sense unless your Video Driver needs updated.

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