Office 2007 does not Install

Problem fixed with a clean reinstall of Windows 7

Thanks for the suggestions, but I can't try it now. I caved in and reinstalled Windows 7. I think it was more a problem with the fact that I was missing the framework and could not reinstall it. Somehow it was missing (along with a bunch of other things) from the Control Panel> Programs and Features> Windows Features. That window comes up blank and Windows 7 would block every attempt ad reinstalling the software. I looked at a bunch of other threads and tride a bunch of suggestions from the MS Knowlege base. Some were telling me to restore Windows 7. I tried from several restore points, but it wouldn't fix the problem. It was all a waste of time and told me that something was wrong with Windows 7 internally. Maybe Windows 7 did not install properly the first time. Who knows? But it's working and installed fine after the reinstalling.


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I think I would agree on the faulty install, although hard to fathom why??
Net framework should be there by default.
Anyhow, all is well and good - enjoy Windows 7.

I see. :)


Hey guys, i was having the same problem, i have successfully installed office 2007 (student version) i was getting error 1935. windows 7 has .net framework bulit into it. (to my understanding anyway). i had problems trying to reinstall .net framework and repair. as "it was already built into the operating system"

Im guessing when people formatted there computers they installed office before they updated anything. because i had a freshly formatted pc but fully windows updated 30/9/10. and i was getting the 1935 error. (running windows 7 64-bit)

(Someone else on forum said this, im just confirming and re-iderating)

-All i had to do was click Custom installation, Then the very top selection "microsoft office" i right-clicked that and selected "Run all from my computer" the entire list of components turned white (the pc box images infront of names)

-I left installation path as default

-I Did fill in the name, initials and corperation. (dont know if this has any affect).

And that's it!

p.s. dont flame me for bad forum writing, i never write on forums. just thought i'd try save people days of frustration. (well hopefully it works for u too)


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