Windows 8 Office 2013 not responding when exiting word, powerpoint and excel


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I have a Windows 8.1 Pro laptop and I am having a problem with it stops responding when closing Word, Powerpoint and Excel. I tried uninstalling it, running CCleaner and reinstalling it, but the problem persists.It was working fine the last couple of months, but I had to reset my computer. What should I do next?
Uninstall the program,
Navigate to "Start>Computer>C:\programfiles\microsoft" and delete Office 2013.
If not similar to the directory :)
Maybe first before uninstalling you might want to try to repair the installation.
Control Panel, Programs and Features, select Microsoft Office 2013, click the "Change" option from the menu tab and see if the "Repair" option might help.
I tried the repair option before and it didnt fix the problem. And I deleted the office folders in the program files and program files x86 folders, however, powerpoint stops responding, but word closes fine.
Try installing Microsoft Silverlight, or if it doesn't work try the most recent version of Microsoft .NET

I can post links if you want!
Both Outlook and Word rely heavily on two DLL libraries. MSO.dll (This contains a lot of generic office code, including the spell checker) and combase.dll, this is part of the .NET framework. If you already tried the repair function in the Office installer, then I would try completely uninstalling Office and .NET framework 4 and re-install both.