Windows 7 One big problem(limited acces + games don't start +win 7 does not shutdown)

At some random moments my network connection fails (limited acces only) and if I try to fix it network connections just crashes and won't reopen. Also I've noticed if this problem occurs(limited acces) I cannot start games or shut down windows. If I start a game then it will just immidiately crash and say ... has stopped working. And if I try to shut down it will stay on the windows is shutting down screen(the activity circle still rotates).


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Did you perform a clean install of Windows 7 or Upgrade from vista?

Hello :D

Yes I'm pretty sure I did. I upgraded from 32bit vista to 64bit 7 and as I far as I know everything went the way it should have.


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OK, so you must have selected "Custom" install during the setup, correct?

Yes I did. Some people have been telling me I should install a proper driver for my usb adapter. Which i can't because there is no win 7 driver from belkin yet. Do you think this might cause the problem?


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Not likely.

Could you check the event view for errors? (start>>"view event">>View Event Logs

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