One of my Hard Drive went missing.

Hi there guys. I have Asus G750js laptop. Today when i started my laptop everything was fine. Then after sometime i restarted my laptop my second HD is not showing anymore take a look

When i select MBR error appears

The disk is not being displayed in Bios also.

Is there any hope to bring it back? Thanks

I hear 2 beeps when i restart my laptop now.


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Interesting, I'd replace it asp … how long have you been running crystal disk?


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Guessing it's a usb SATA drive (either mechanical or SSD). I'd download SEATOOLS from and run both short and long tests on it. If SEATOOLS reports any errors or can't read the drive, it must be replaced as ussnorway suggested.

It would also be helpful to know the exact make/model of the missing drive.


Claimed the Asus warranty and got new Hdds. lost half of my data tho


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Thanks for letting us know mate... happy it worked out for you with Asus stepping up.

p.s. We keep drumming it in but get some good backup software BEFORE the shit happens again.

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