Windows 10 OneDrive Crashing on open

I'm having a problem getting Onedrive to run on my Windows 10 PC. It started continually crashing and automatically restarting, so I went through the steps to remove it and reinstall it from the command line. I also ran CCleaner to remove any remaining things in the registry.

I reinstalled it and now it won't work at all. I ran the Debug Diagnostic and the file is attached.

I'm seriously considering dumping OneDrive as my cloud storage now that they reduced "unlimited" to 1TB from 10TB for Office 365 users, but I hate to give up even on "just" 1TB of offline storage.

UPDATE: As I got ready to hit "Create Thread", I realized that Onedrive is now working (for the moment) and processing changes. But with all the crashes, I figured I'd leave this thread up and see if there's anything in the crash dump that looks like something I should fix.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.


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Welcome to the forum :up:

Looking through your Dump text files; I don't see anything really bad there. Someone else here will have to examine the Dump files themselves, I can't read those as I don't have the right tool.

I've had quite a few OneDrive syncing issues the last several months, and I still haven't narrowed down what caused it. But, I was getting a problem using OneDrive between my 10 different W10 computers, it kept telling me my password was synced to a different subscription account, but it wasn't. I changed my password several times from several different machines, including complete W10 reinstalls on some of them; never seemed to fix it. I finally got it working by logging in from 3 different computers running the Office365 subscription, and reset my Password on all 3 computers. That seems to be working better for the moment. I don't know, as I still occasionally get the problem on my laptops when I take them away from my home and connect them to the Internet on a different Wi-Fi network connection.

The 3 things that come to mind are:
1.) Possible virus/malware infection; scan/remove all found viruses using your built-in AV program and then MBAM which you appear to have and scan/remove all found spyware viruses. Power-cycle your computer and retest your OneDrive. If you fixed it, then you have a virus causing this problem, and you're all set to go!:up: There are new viruses that attack Office365 and OneDrive specifically.:pirate:
2.) Syncing problems due to corrupted OneDrive account password. Reset your password, power-cycle your computer and repeat on all your computers running OneDrive with your Offic365 subscription. If it works, you're set!:peace:
3.) Syncing problems due to conflict with your iCloud service/app. I ran into this one trying to Sync my wife's iPhone6S Plus to iCloud, and she isn't using any OneDrive app on her iPhone (I know cause I set it up for her!). OneDrive and iCloud don't play nice together, and you are attempting to run both on the same computer! :noway: Even if you are not using your iCloud app on this computer with the OneDrive problem, you should uninstall it for troubleshooting purposes. I've seen this problem on Macs, Macbooks, & iPads as well; where they are running both apps. After uninstalling your iCloud app from your computer and power-cycling it, retest your OneDrive again. If it starts syncing again, takes your existing password, and runs Ok; you are a victim of app-incompatibility between Microsoft's Cloud storage app and Apple's Cloud storage app. :headache: I've found this extremely difficult to fix and I've been doing computers for over 4 decades.:( Cloud storage from Microsoft & Apple is like mixing Apples & Oranges. :rolleyes: They don't do well together. You'll need to pick one and stick with, removing the other.

If you have a 2nd computer to use, such as a Mac/MacBook/iPad/Windows laptop you can run the iCloud on that one if you need it for your iPhone. I've sent a number of my Customers to their local Genius Bar @Apple Store, and they of course tell them the same thing, except their answer is to remove OneDrive since the problem lays there (which it doesn't). :p If you still can't fix it, you'll be looking at more drastic solutions such as testing your hardware and resetting your W10 or even reinstallation of W10 from factory media. At that point you might consider not using OneDrive and switching to GoogleDrive/Google Photos. I'm using those for both work and personal and they work quite nicely.

Let us know how you get on. And if you do resolve it, we'd appreciate you posting back your final solution to share with other forum users here.

Best of luck,:encouragement:
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