Only One Way Networking between W7 and XP?


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If you could go here HP LaserJet 4200 Printer series- HP LaserJet 4200 PCL6 Driver - HP Business Support Center click the download button, save it to a folder on the XP machine's C drive. Then use 7Zip you can down load it from here Download install it and then to extract the executable just choose 7Zip extract here from the right click menu when you right click on the executeable that you downloaded from HP


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Again; however, when I click on one of the folders, is says access denied! Ugh:cool:
Let's try to overcome this by using a different approach. Try adding a new user to your Windows 7 machine that is exactly the same as the username that you are using on the XP machine, complete with identical password, if you're not sure how to do this let me know

I went to the inf directory of the windows subdirectory -- located the HP4200 inf file and it still says wrong file for this printer. If I disconnect the printer from the W7 computer and connect it direct to the one XP computer, I can load it as a local printer and it still works. ????


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OK, let's return to this in a post 22 and see if this will overcome you folder sharing issues.

Sorry; but, where to I find post 22?


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each of these posts are numbered, yours was 25 and this one will be 26, just scroll up in your browser window, look at the top right corner near the heart looking icon on the blue divider

OK Here I am


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Did you add the Identical user and password that you use on you XP machine to your New Windows 7 machine as I suggested in post 22

I'm not really sure how to start with a new user name; but, I'm game if we can make it happen.


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first off, make sure you make note of the username and password that you use on your XP machine...Now on the Windows 7 machine right click on computer in the start menu and choose manage, that will open the computer management click the little arrow looking thing next to "Local Users and Groups" to expand highling the "Users" folder, right click and choose new user, add the information that you noted from the XP Computer the top box and the password boxes need to be the same as on XP, uncheck the box that says "User must change password at next logon" and check the two boxes that say User cannot change password and Password never expires, leave the account disabled box alone. Then click create

I've got the user created that is exactly like one of the other machines.

Still no luck


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OK, now when you click start and click run as you did earlier and type \\Windows7ComputerName from one of the XP machines with that username and password and select one of the shared folders, not the printer for now, just one of the shares does it open and display the contents

It shows the the drives and computer on the XP's My Network Places - but, when I try to go there it says the same old thing -- access denied!

Access is denied! Ugh!

Funny thing though. When i "run" the w7 computer on the xp computer is shows the c drive, the hp 4200 printer, users, and printers and faxes. The last two i can get in to. The printers and faxes folder again shows the "shared" hp 4200 available. I just have not been able to install the correct driver. As to the c drive. It still says access is denied.


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At this point, I'm just going to guess that there is some type of third party software running on the Windows 7 machine that is blocking access, perhaps an added firewall like (Comodo or ZoneAlarm) or a Antivirus / Internet Security Suite like (Nortons, McAfee, AVG, etc.) maybe take a look at that and perhaps uninstall them temporarily until we can figure this out.

This is exactly my problem too. I finally gained access to a shared drive on the win 7 PC from my XP Pro PC after creating a user name on the win 7 PC that is identical to my XP user name. Now, when I click on the shared drive (after adding my user name to the shared properites and giving myself full control) The drive opens up and I see the contents of the drive. But when I click on the folder I get access denied. By sharing the drive, I should get access to all the drive's contents. As many have stated the win 7 PC has no problem accessing the XP PC's shared drives.

I don't believe there is 3rd party software causing the network issue. I started setting up the network right after I got the PC.

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The way we sorted the issue was to go into the users and browse to select members, we selected "Everyone" and then gave them full control over the security and access rights on the workgroup network. It seemed to work. Still have a couple of issues; but, I'm a lot closer today than yesterday.

I got it to work! :) (for 1 share so far) This is what i did:

Created an itentical user name on the win 7 PC

Right click the drive and go into properties - sharing and advanced sharing

Select share this folder

Add the new user name (Share Name) then click permissions
and give read, right and full control

Then go into the security tab and click edit then click add and add the new user

(make sure the user has full control in the security tab) everyting checked except Special permissions

After you add the new user and while in the security tab select the new user then click advanced

Select the new user and click change permissions

then select the new user

Check the box for "Replace all child permissions with inheritable permissions from this object"

Click on apply to the pop up window and select yes. click ok and close out of all the windows

You should now be able to see the win 7 share and all folders and files in the share from the XP PC.

Please post if it works for you and if it doesn't too.

I hope I have explained it so it is understandable.

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