Network issue between win7 and XP

Hey guys

I am having a strange issue with my Network which has windows 7 and XP computers.

Heres the issue :
Ive a windows 7 computer where my POS application is installed on with a basic folder Shared with no restrictions, means that everyone on the network can access it but after some times all XP computers cant access the specific folder anymore and the only way I can fix it is by rebooting the windows 7 computer (The one with the Shared folder on). The other strange thing is that all other windows 7 computers can still access the Shared folder, only XP computer cant. It happens really randomly and ive not been able to see what happen just before the problem appears, it seems that it just crash randomly without any specific actions from the XP computer's user.
There is a total of 7 computers on the network with only 2 windows 7 so ive 5 computers with XP and all 5 cant access the computer.
The ping to the windows 7 computer still respond but there is no way to access it from the network like \\computername or \\computerip it says that the computer doesnt have the rights to access it.

If you need more informations, just ask and ill do my best to give you more.

Sorry for my english, it's not my first language.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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You have the w7 system getting updates yes? it is seeing the xp as out of date and blocking the hand shake is the most likly.

Yes the windows 7 is up-to-date and what do you mean by xp Block the hand shake?
IS there any fix you know about it?

Thanks for your reply

Ok I just read about tcpip handshake but im getting more than lost lol, is there anything I can do even on xp or 7 computer that could help fixing the problem


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Some bits of information.
  • All Windows 7 desktop OS versions only allow 20 concurrent connections, one XP computer can technically open multiple connections
  • The most restrictive permissions will take precedent between local NTFS and remote access permissions.
You could run wireshark on the XP box, save the capture and upload it here for review.

Do i have to do a special config in wireshark to monitor this problem?

Thanks all

I understand the max 20 concurrent connections but if i only have 6 other pcs on the network how can I reach 20.. Could it be some connections that are not closed and keeps alive?


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It's possible that connections are being kept open. You can see your active connections from an elevated command prompt with netstat. I usually issue the following command netstat -anob or you can use SysIntenals TCPView GUI TCPView for Windows. As for wireshark I wouldn't apply a filter since we don't know what part of the SMB connection is having an issue. Just start a capture, attempt to connect and stop and save the capture file. Be forewarned though wireshark captures can contain any clear text passwords and other info, so you may want to just message me the file so that it isn't available for everyone.

Alright thank you so much for you help I really appreciate it. It seems to happen only during high traffics over the network like when all pcs are being used since it's in a restaurant the pcs are not always used alot. I will monitor once the problems come back.

The thing that i dont get is why it just happens with XP computers and not with windows 7 computers.

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