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Can anyone tell me how to get a program listed in the "Open With" manager so I can set a default? I've tried several times and it just won't list the programs I want. The first time I tried it (with a pdf), I thought I got it listed and hit enter without checking and now all of the pdf's start Window's Media Center. The Open With manager only list a few programs. I've gone to "find program on the internet" and reinstalling Acrobat Reader & it still won't list it. Anyone?


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Hello and welcome to the Windows 7 forums.

i posted a registry hack for this .

Give me a few minutes. be right back


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Can you not just browse your computer and find the Acrobat Reader .exe and make sure the always use selected... box is ticked?


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Look over this post.

Look over post #8.

i need to know the path and 3 letter file extension to create the script. This way you'll only have an open with...entry where you'll an select the default or the other program you want to use.

You seem to have screwed up the file extensions for some reason.

It's just a pdf right now. I haven't tried anyothers.



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What is the erro mesage you receive when double-click on the .pdf file? Acrobat sets the file association by default when installed.

Truthfully I would completely uninstall Adobe Acrobat and download this replacement:

Foxit Software - Downloads(Latest Version)

Adobe is bloatware, this is not and has more options.

Works in IE8 and Firefox

Try downloading this utility that will remove many items that the Adobe uninstaller does not remove:
Download Revo Uninstaller Freeware - Free and Full Download

I know about Foxit & tried it. The problem is I have CutePDF Pro and that only works with Acrobat Reader. I use it in my business. Foxit doesn't have the capabilities that Cute has. I have disabled AR's Javascript, so that's not a problem. Actually, my initial set-up was to have Cute be the default. When I couldn't get the default manager to recognize it, I tried going back to AR, but it wouldn't recognize it either.

There's no error message, it just starts Windows Media Center. I tried looking in WMC to find the default extensions for it - maybe to "unclick" the pdf (if it's there), but I can't find it's list.

I'll try Revo and see if it helps. If not, I will get back.



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Wait a minute.

It brings up Windows Media Center? and it has the extension .pdf.:confused:

Something is really wrong here.

Did you check and see whether the other program you use is compatable with Windows 7?

there is a samll freeware program to change file extensions, or modify, or add them.

FileTypesMan v1.21

please visit the website for detailed information.

If you have questions, you can post back as I've used it in Windows 7.

Revo's nice. I was able to clean out a bunch of junk. I completely uninstalled all of AR & Cute. Still same problem. Cute was totally functional before all this (still is). I can open the files by going through the programs, but if I try through the file itself - WMC starts up. The little icon on these files are the WMC icon - not pdf. I've tried 3 different ways to get AR or Cute listed as a default program - no dice. :mad: I've even tried to get other programs listed, but can't even do that. I guess I'm stuck until Windows fixes it.

Did that other guy get his media files to work?


YEAH! :razz::razz::razz: That worked!!! Thanks a million. You're terrific! If you ever need any help with dogs or cats, let me know. ;)


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No problem,

Glad you got it:)

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