Opening photos and videos question

For some reason, Win 7 opens photos and video in the background rather than in front and I was wondering how to change that. Every time I get an email with photos or even just open the My Pictures folder and click on a pic, it opens behind the window which slows down my productivity. XP didn't do this and its a real pain. Can anyone advise me?


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I am not getting this problem whatsoever, is it Windows Photo Viewer opening the file? As soon as I click on an image it opens in the foreground. Strange...

Both the Windows Photo Viewer and the Live Photo Gallery do it. Occasionally it will appear in the foreground but 95% of the time, its in the background and I have to click on the taskbar space to bring it forward. Very annoying.

Found "A" Fix

I had the same problem. I don't know why I even tried this but it seems to have worked.

After double-clicking the file I wanted to view and having it show up behind the window I clicked from, I noticed that the Photo Viewer was 'Maximized' to fill up my screen. I double-clicked the top window bar to 'Restore Down' which will show the window like it had been manually sized and placed where wanted on the screen. Doing that caused the window to become the top layer window as usual. Then, instead of using the red 'X' in the top right of the window to close it, I clicked on the top left of the window to bring up the window menu and clicked 'Close' from there. I double-clicked the exact same file and it suddenly opened up on top of all other windows. I closed it the same way and tested it again. It opened up again on top. I opened it and closed it using the red 'X'. It opened up again on top. So, after opening it once again, I double-clicked the top window bar to 'Maximize' the window to fill up the screen and closed using the top left window menu 'Close'. I opened the same file yet again and it opened on top of everything else as a maximized window.

I don't know enough about this stuff to figure out WHY it worked, but I thought I'd share the fact that it did work for me. Give it a shot.

Good luck.

Photos open in background

I must admit, windows 7 has been giving me more problems than Vista ever did. Whether I use Windows Photo Viewer or Windows Live Photo Gallery, I click on a photo and it opens in the background. I then need to click on the taskbar window to see the photo. I manged to get the color scheme changed to what it should be (black background) so it won't destroy my eyes, but this opening in the background problem is unresolved and others are having the same issue. Vista worked properly. XP worked properly. Windows ME worked properly. Windows 98 worked properly. Windows 95 worked properly. Windows 7 does not and has been a headache from the beginning for me. This should be simple---I want to click on a photograph and have it open. I now have to click twice to be able to view it. At this point I will have to use a third party program to do this correctly. I can not believe that Windows 7 is so unfinished. By the way, my "recycle bin" icon changed to a "laptop" icon. I deleted the icon cache and it was fixed after reboot, but this is only one of a miriad of little annoying problems (deja-vu Vista) that I have encountered. I also got my FIRST virus in over 5 years the other day in Windows 7! If anyone knows how to get a photo to open on the TOP window, I would be froever greatful! :mad:

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