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Our Promise: The Best is Yet To Come


Windows Forum Admin
Staff member
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Jul 22, 2005
With our features laid to bare, we hope to re-assemble our team of volunteer experts around the world. Here at Windows 7 Forums, we are dedicated to providing our viewers and members with the best possible forum experience online. That includes the ability to use so many features, and take advantage of so many stylistic changes which other, similar forum sites tend to ignore. Take for example our unwavering dedication to code protection and privacy. We are on the forefront of technology at this website. By using the latest nightly builds of vBulletin, which are unavailable to the general public, we are able to provide our members with the latest in bug fixes, feature enhancements, and programming optimizations.

By examining the weaknesses of our system, we are able to improve the performance of page rendering. And through carefully orchestrated teleconferencing calls, meetings, implemented ideas, and workflow processing by team effort, we hope to provide our members with the confidence and building blocks that they need to create an unforgettable experience.

My years designing, operating, and administering Windows 7 Forums have not been without their difficulties. But they have also shown me the best of the Internet, quite easily. The Internet is full of people who are kind, friendly, generous, and always looking to do the right thing. It is also filled with those who would rather hide behind a screen and act like a child than behave cordially.

In the early days of the popular Internet, common netiquette documents were stressed as a way for new Internet users to learn the ropes. In today’s more modern Internet, replete with memes, jokes, and other fiascos, sometimes netiquette still goes out the window. And that is why it has been important for us this week to continue to bolster our security: prevent spam, bring about significant changes that will reverberate throughout our community, and continue our mission of providing the best Windows 8 and Windows 7 community experience to the general public.

If you have frequented the site recently, I invite you to explore these new changes. Many of them have yet to be announced, but will be soon. As I wrote early, part of our goal is to “re-assemble our international team”. That is because as time goes on, people go their separate ways. And the best way we can serve our members is to provide them with a team that is available to tend to both their needs and requirements. While we cannot answer every question, we will try. While we cannot solve every issue, we will try. And while we cannot always be available 24 hours a day, we will try.

Part of re-assembling our staff of experts has been to bring in several new moderators. These new staff volunteers represent the best of what the Windows community has to offer at the time of this writing. Ken, or zigzag, is a Microsoft MVP. Here is certified many times over. Sonny, one of our most pleasant members, may not know everything about computers, but stands poised and ready to assist individuals who need reassurances and a helping hand. These gentlemen are the beginning of a re-awakening of our forum staff, in a way that will change. As we approach a new era of social networking, with the impending launch of Google+, and the transformation of Facebook into a global telecommunications network, we are called upon to meet this great challenge head on. It is our challenge to combine the best features of these Internet behemoths and bring them to you, all here, for your convenience.

And with that, over the last several weeks, you will have noticed significant improvements in areas like website design, the ability to publish over 40 computer specifications as well as additional information about yourself, and the possibility of finding what you are looking for through a new feature called Apture. With Apture search, you simply select some text, right-click it, and click “Learn More”. Under such conditions, you can gain a great deal of information about the item you are searching on – from around the Internet.

We continue to make strides in areas like profile management and feature improvement. Our current goals will involve assembling a worldwide staff of information technology professionals, who, eventually, will be the vanguards of a new era on Windows 7 Forums and beyond.

As we move towards full, complete, mainstream acceptance of this operating system throughout the world, I am reminded of the mistakes we have made, and the areas by which we can do better, Windows 7 Forums is a success because of you. It cannot get better unless you are with us. Over the last several weeks, we are attempting to combine the latest alpha forum code, from the greatest forum software developer, with changes that are unseen on other similar websites. Whereas similar websites of this ilk are running ancient code, we choose to do better. Whereas other websites choose to remain stagnant, we refuse to lay down and rest. Behind the scenes, every day, we spend hours of time communicating over Skype and on our staff forum, to ensure the best possible experience for our members.

And that prospect of a better forum experience neither begins with that process nor ends there. Time and again, members have proven that they are responsible for making websites a better, more social place.

As we look to integrate Windows 7 Forums with a rich feature-set and concepts brought to us by your using habits, I hope you will talk to us. Tell us what we can do better. We will work to that end to accomplish such a grand task. Indeed, the best of Windows 7 Forums have only just begun.