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Extraordinary Robot
Jun 27, 2006
You have reached a worldwide forum community for open Microsoft Windows help and support.

About Us

WindowsForum.com is an open community for Microsoft Windows customers and enthusiasts. It is not owned or operated by Microsoft Corporation, but the website has produced many dozens of instructional YouTube videos, has received over fifty million unique visitors, and has drawn support from Microsoft's well-trained and highly dedicated employees, including, at one time, members of the OS development team.

WindowsForum.com is conceptualized by a single idea: Make discussion about Microsoft Windows free and unbiased. Make support accessible and fun. Redefine the forum experience through a dedication to website development as an applied science and an art form. With accounts on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and more, Microsoft Windows Forums on Google+ is an extension of the website in a new social networking platform. We are excited to be here!

WindowsForum.com is owned by Mike Fara and operated by a team of dedicated supporters. Mike is 7x certified by Microsoft, the Computer Technology Industry Association, and CrossLoop Inc. He works on the business side of the website as a programmer, web developer, marketer, salesman, and chief executive. He is joined by many volunteers from around the world who share similar, and in some cases, even greater levels of expertise.

The Migration

It may seem new here! WindowsForum.com used to be:

Windows Vista Forums (winvistaforums.com) - A forum site, started in July 2005, which merged with Windows 7 Forums (windows7forums.com) several years later. All content from that site is still on this one!

Windows 7 Forums (windows7forums.com) - The most successful venture to date, Windows 7 Forums received well over 80,000 backlinks, and 100,000 users (many of them inactive - but hey!). It has received over 50 million page views. It produced over 1 million YouTube channel views, and offers nearly one hundred instructional videos. While that was going on...

Windows 8 Forums (windows8forums.com) - This forum site was started not soon after and altogether became...

WindowsForum.com! Now all content and all users are accessible to one platform. We are working on reintegrating mobile support, social networking support, extended features, under our new platform. We hope you enjoy the site.

Social Networks

Currently, we are trying to consolidate our various array of social networking pages.

Find us on the web:

Link Removed on Twitter
Link Removed on Twitter
Link Removed on Twitter
Windows Forums on Facebook
Windows 7 Forums on Google+
Windows Forum on Google+
Windows 8 Forums on Google+

Windows 7 Forums on YouTube
Windows 8 Forums on YouTube

We even have... a MySpace page!
At least two of Mike's videos have been uploaded to Link Removed

At one point we had a store to buy t-shirts and thongs!

Link Removed at CafePress
Link Removed at CafePress

Thank you to Robin in Cudjoe Key, Florida for buying a mouse pad and Weisen in San Fransisco for buying a shirt!

The Numbers

Here's our SeeTheStats numbers for the sites, now under the WindowsForum.com banner!

Link Removed
Link Removed
and... Link Removed

Other quantifiable data..


Our Partners and Sponsors

Throughout time, we have sponsored with a number of different organizations. They are:

General IT Stores:

Link Removed

PC Repair and Cleanup Utilities:

Piriform Link Removed
Revo Uninstaller
Raxco Link Removed
Link Removed
Link Removed
Link Removed
Link Removed
Uniblue Link Removed
Uniblue Link Removed

Backup and Restore:

Link Removed

Information Security:

ESET NOD32 Anti-virus or Smart Security
Link Removed
Link Removed
Link Removed


Link Removed Workstation

Blu-ray / CD /DVD Burning and Multimedia:

Link Removed

Where do we go from here?

Our new platform provides big improvements, and we are looking forward to new members and new visitors! The website is a compilation of all the tireless work of millions of people around the world. Our goal is to be a repository of information for Windows operating systems. Through all of this time, we have never forgotten this mission. So, stay tuned!