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Im having problems with my paint on windows 7 its been fine until now but a few days ago the alignment of everything mucked up ad i can not find a solution so basicaly what its doing for example if i drew with the pencil tool then it wont draw in the place where i put the tool and goes away from where i put it.


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Cursor inaccuracy could be related to mouse as well as the application. Please check in other paint application to confirm the same. Alternatively, you can check with another mouse to validate. By now, you should be able to know where to focus.

If mouse is the culprit, it could either be the case that the mouse is faulty or the driver is bad.
If working with another mouse doesn’t reproduce the problem, this indicates the status of the mouse. If the problem persists with other mouse, then check for new driver from the manufacturer’s website. Downloading the same should fix the alignment problem.

To verify if Mspaint is the culprit, verify by creating a test user account.

Create a user account
Create a user account

If paint works in new user account, then it is highly likely that the old user account is corrupt.

one user created a new user account and the paint worked. Then, after he deleted the new account, the paint started working again on the old account. Go figure. :)


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