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Parental Controls Help [Solved]

Hey there,

I've had my laptop since Christmas of last year, and I got it with Vista. My dad set parental time controls on it, setting the time I could log on to 6AM - 12AM. Recently, he upgraded my laptop to 7, and switched my account to an administrator soon after. The other night, I was up late working on a paper, when I closed my laptop to go to the bathroom. When I got back, I tried to log on to a message that said I had time restrictions that prevented me from logging on.
My problem is this: My computer will not allow me to log on between 12AM and 6PM, but only when I log off/lock the computer. Help would be appreciated!


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Windows 7 Home Premium.

Yeah, that's why I was confused why this happened.

I tried that command, and it gave me a syntax error.

I can't find a "Local Users and groups" option on the computer management list.

Funny story:
I tried that command, and it gave me another syntax error. I checked the syntax, found the error, and went back to the first command. This time, I typed it correctly, and it worked.

Sorry about the extra work, but thanks for your help!

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