Partitioning Drive for Optimum Performance


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1. if i put my page file swap file temp folder on its own partition, is it best to use fat32? if i remember right fat 32 is fastest just isnt the best for space usage.

2. does reinstalling windows after time (1-2 years) create better performance? im not sure what it is but windows xp and under always seemed to slow down after years (even with proper maintenance)

3. if i create one partition for windows and one for EVERYTHING else, can i reinstall windows and when i boot up everything will be exactly the same? (considering i dont format the partition during windows setup) ?

thanks so much everyone.

heres my other post on this if you're curious
sevenforums [dot com] /performance-maintenance/63015-partitioning-drive-optimum-performance-2.html#post575431


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by the way im on windows 7 now (probably keeping it, idk). just because this might be an issue i heard trying to use fat32 with it (so PLEASE if u answer any/all of these questions, post whether or not u know if this is a problem due to windows 7. i really dont want to mess up my machine.)


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bump. anyone?

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