password not working

Okay so I am the administrator on an asus laptop, and i have my password when i start up the computor and randomly the password has stopped working. I will enter it, my screen will say WELCOME and then say wrong password. I dont understand whats going on, its all numbers so Caps isnt an issue, but im locked out of my computor please help

some resolves

1. remove both batteries then turn it on... password should vanish if it is just power-on password.


2. turn over the PC look for keyboard symbol undo that screw the undo any screws that are in line with the power panel remove this panel if any screw holding down keyboard undo those lift keyboard to one side do not remove completely nor the power panel leave everything connected.How look in the bottom left corner of keyboard recess normal u will see sticker saying rtc with arrow pull that wire plug out. if u can se it pull any that are red or red and black. go make a cup of tea. then come back. with battery out connect the power supply press power button and press F1 or F2 depending on ur setup. It may just come up about changes press f1 to accept the bios screen will open power it down pull powersuplly out press and hold power button for about 5 secounds to ensure all power has all wires etc keyboard etc replace battery then power up again it should now be clear of passwords.

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