Windows 10 PC Crashes on Steam or High Workload

Discussion in 'Windows 10 Help and Support' started by Toth, Jan 27, 2016.

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    Hey guys,

    So I hand built a $1300 PC for general use and gaming but whenever I open lots of tabs, multiple videos or begin playing a steam game the PC crashes. I have tried updating drivers, running antivirus software (Malwarebytes), checking temps but nothing seems to fix the problem. I'm really not sure what to do, have read a bunch of threads on reddit and various forums but they were all old or their solution didn't fix my problem. Please help!
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    a driver or ram/ page file issue... drivers 95% of the time

    30% a network error... steam is trying to scan something on your system while you play and (for what ever reasion) cann't get the file it wants.

    The cost does not matter but some boards are better gaming machines than others... any idea what the actual parts are?

    ... p.s WX is a slow beta windows build, not something I'd recommend for gaming but if you don't have a w8 or 8.1 licence then you should at the very least disable updates/ background processes and try to get a stable platfrom before running any games on it.
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    If you're getting a BSOD, please upload the crash dump file in C:\Windows\Minidump. If there are no dump files, make sure you have crash dumps enabled.
    • Press Windows Key + x
    • Click on System
    • Click on Advanced System Settings
    • Click on Start Up and Recovery > Settings...

    If you have crash dumps enabled and you are not getting a BSOD and instead the computer is just shutting off then I'd say you probably have a heating issue.

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