PDF Translation

i've download a pdf file that is in french and i want to translate it!
I've already try "Multilizer PDF Translator" but it only translates the first page of pdf document
Can you suggest me any other programs
the pdf file is around (80-90) pages.


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I'd copy and paste the text to a simple text file and run the translation on that.

Thank's for your answer!
I want to translate it fast(it has a lot of images)
so maybe a software would help me
thanks any way
Other suggestions, please.


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Google search "pdf translation"

Tons of material. :)

Another option is "pdf to word" which transfers pdf to Word, and then you can translate it with MS Word, or Open Office Write.

thanks titanic for the answer!
can you explain to me how to translate a word file(ms word)?


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Google "translate a ms word file" - it's best if you do it yourself. It probably takes some effort, but once you learn it, then you know it.

Best of luck and success! :)

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