People love Code name Mojave, which is really Vista

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    I did that for my PCs and everything worked except for the WLAN adaptors (Linksys WUSB54G v4 and D-LINK DWA 110).
    After popping in the driver CDs for both adaptors, Vista was up and running like never before.

    Graphic support for the Intel GMA 950 was provided out of the box, my VIA P4M80 fell back into VESA mode, but still managed to drive the 1600 x 1200 res on my monitor. IN fact, the VESA drivers provided by Microsoft actually seemed to run the whole GUI faster than the official VIA drivers. ;)

    And don't think that single-core PCs are backdated. A Core 2 Solo can very easilly put up a decent performance in Vista. IN fact, Windows' multi-core processing is still far from decent: most applications still are primarilly loaded into 1 core only; the other core is loaded with 'garbage' and parts of the running application to provide the illusion of decent multi-core support. This is something which i hope changes for the better in 7.
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