PHILIPS AZ2558 - USB audio problem - distorted sound


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Hi there!
I have a new PC with Win7 64-bit and from time to time I use my Philips MP3 CD Soundmachine (AZ2558) to listen to music or play some games. It's connected by USB, and since I bought the new computer, some strange crashes have happened - suddenly, the sound becomes awfully distorted and quite annoying, you can hear that it's music and it's not louder than normal, but it really makes me angry... ;( It's like BRRRWAABRRRAH (something like that ;) ) Replugging the device helps, but then it happens again, after a random time period.
It didn't happen with my Win XP. Anyone has an idea what it could be? I didn't install the original drivers, as windows found some on it's own. Should I do it? The latest drivers from the Philips site are already 7 years old, so I don't know if they will be OK...
Any help would be really appreciated ;)


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Hello and welcome to the forums.
I would have to think that the problem is with legacy hardware drivers. Windows 7 and especially Windows 7 64bit has some problems with older hardware. When I go here and look for Software and Drivers it seems that the only file available was published on October 8th 2004, which would certainly seem to be fine for XP, but likely a problem with Windows 7. Sorry but it may be time to consider upgrading to a more recent device.
Alternately, if you are seriously attached to the device (as I am to my scanner that won't work in Windows 7) you may want to consider XP mode as an option however you will need Win7 Pro or Ultimate to take advantage of that particular feature. Or else you will need to go with something a little more robust like Virtual Box or VmWare.
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