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    Hello, I installed windows 7 a few days ago, and deleted windows xp.
    When I open the task manager it says that my physical memory is 30%, when I just opened the computer and didn't open any program. Also, When I open Internet Explorer, I have a message from the antivirus that the internet is using too much physical memory (about 250MB).
    I have 2 GB of RAM. Is it ok that the physical memory is 39% now when I only have one Internet explorer window running? And should I add more RAM to the computer?
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    39% usage (about 0.75ig) is perfectly ok with IE running - you will not use much less than that when running no apps. The memory used by the browser will be affected by how many tabs you have open and also what add ons you have installed. For most ordinary usage 2gb is plenty. If you don't already have one there are a few desktop gadgets to enable you to minot RAm/cpu usage - a simple one - "top process" is here:
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