Pirates get innovative on Windows 7

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    Pirates get innovative on Windows 7 [​IMG] [​IMG] Written by Nick Farrell Thursday, 03 December 2009 09:44

    Doing what Microsoft doesn't
    Chinese pirates are doing something that Microsoft didn't – they are starting to peddle versions of Windows 7 on a USB stick.

    The Netac U208 8GB USB drives preloaded with Windows 7 are being sold for 98 yuan, or about $14, according to the Chinese website 163. The drive, ironically with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's signature on the outside was being flogged in Shenzhen.

    However the fact that it is being put on a USB stick is fairly interesting. Microsoft thought about doing this but decided against it. From a user perspective it is a lot faster than a DVD disc.

    Signature Editions of Windows 7 do exist. They were given to Windows 7 Launch Party hosts, although not on a USB. Pirates have simplified the process of getting a copy of Windows 7 on a USB drive. It is sad that Microsoft was not serious about the idea and push it into the market itself.

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    Pretty dumb of M$ considering the significant install time improvement and the cost of a 4 gig USB stick. I carry both the X32 and X64 upgrades around on bootable USB's when helping customers.

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