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I've been playing with Cortana today.

Pretty neat, I set up a playlist with 175 pieces of music, a mixture of styles from Pop, Rock, Folk, and Broadway, with everyone from Barbara Streisand to Steeleye Span, Bruce Springsteen, and Joan Baez.

Now all I have to do is say "Hey Cortana play my music" and she starts it someplace at random and plays them in a random order. Right now I'm listening to Julie London singing Fly Me to the Moon.

Ask her to do an impression, pretty funny.

She does really work well for doing a quick web search, I asked "Tell my about Scottish Deerhounds and you are there instantly without any clicking or typing.

Ask her if you need a coat and she will give you the current temperature.

This is a real taste of where computers are going.
In 10 years we really will be talking to our computers, which is a good thing because in 10 years I probably won't be able to type. LOL

I'm now listening to Don Mclean singing "The day the music died", I've been listening to my stuff all day because I can start and stop it instantly without stopping what I'm doing.

I understand you can send an email too, I haven't tried that yet.

Don't know what I have to do to give her access to my address book, probably I'll have to use Microsofts mail client but I haven't explored all that yet.

How's it going Trouble I know you were looking forward to this.


I did find that she is a little racist. This was a little disturbing. Not sure what to think about her now. She always seemed to be so nice in Halo. :-/



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And I thought that she was an all American girl. LOL
The funniest joke she has told me so far is...

Two snowman are standing in a field, one says to the other...

"That's funny, I smell Carrots too!"

For some reason I really thought this was funny.
I guess I'm easily entertained.


No, I had to laugh at that one too. I still like,

What's brown and sticky...a stick.

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