Please Help - Bios detects HDD's, but fails to boot from CD or HDD.

A little odd, but maybe someone here can help :D

If i have any drives hooked up via sata cable, the computer wont boot from disk.
If I have no HDD hooked up, it will.

I am using a GIGABYTE GA-78LMT-S2p motherboard with a amd 6 core 1045t.

I truly appreciate any help, thank you again.


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Try a different sata cable, make sure the bios/uefi is set to defaults/optimized defaults. If those don't work the mobo or hard drive are bad and need to be replaced. Try the hard drive on/in another pc to rule it out as the cause. If it work's the mobo is at fault (I/e: faulty sata connectors, etc.).


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A clumsy point of view: be sure you don't have SATA cables in strict 90 degrees turns, they can't live with that.

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