plz help me. NVIDIA graphics card problem.?

my windows experience index is showing 1.0 only. all other is good except graphics and gaming graphics both of which is 1.0

now the mechanic installed everything today. i suspect that he hasnt installed nvidia gt 630 that i brought. cuz theres only one folder named "NVIDIA corporation" which has 106 MB. theres nothing else in my pc atm. :( did the stupid mechanic installed it or not? i have the nvidia original cd as i've bought it.

i installed fifa 12 and it isnt running. is it because of graphics? why is it so low as there shud be at least a good in built graphics card for my pc. my pc configiuration is preety high:

intel i5 3.50 ghz
ram 4 gb
64 bit windows 7

my windows experience index :

processor : 7.5
memory 7.5
graphics 1.0
gaming graphics 1.0
primary hard disk 5.9

btw i installed microsoft visual studio 2010 but when i run the program it is not executing.

plz help me

thank you

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Do you have a video card or are you using onboard graphics from your motherboard ?


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Either way go to either amd's, nvidia's or your motherboard's website and download current driver's. Then rerun the Windows Experience Index. Make sure to temporarily disable your antivirus software whike installing driver;s then reenable it. AMD's site : Click on Support & Drivers in upper right. Nvidia:


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Right click on your desktop, if you have an nVidia GT 630 installed then you should see NVidia Control Panel on the right click dropdown menu.

Also try opening Device Manager...

(Right Click on the Desktop, select Personalize, Control Panel Home, Select View by Large Icons in the upper right, select System, Device Manager) ...

and look at Display Adapters.

It will say what display adapter your computer is running.

Or you can go to, Programs, Administrative Tools, System Information and look at components, Display.

Come back here and let us know what it says.



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Maybe there's nothing wrong with it. Maybe you just need to re-run the Windows Experience Index assessment again to get the right numbers.

Control Panel >>> System >>> Windows Experience Index >>> Re-run the assessment




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With a hardware change, you may see a message above at the top of the window that says that the rating needs to be refreshed. If so, press the refresh button in the top right corner.


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Right clicking "Computer" in Explorer, choose Manage, then Device Manager, then Display Adapters, and it'll show you what you have. You will see everything Windows has registered. If you can't see GT 630 there, then it's not installed. It may be physically installed, but drivers are not... not always that simple. It should, however, be visible even without drivers, then it should have a yellow question mark, perhaps like "Unknown device", or something.

You can also get info with CPU-Z, It's free, it's light, and reliable.

Windows Experience Index doesn't affect anything, it's only an indicator, it doesn't control the computer. The main thing is that games run, which apparently is not the case.

It may be, that in BIOS you have the onboard video card set as default. You should change that. The command to get to BIOS varies according to motherboard. The safest way is to check with the manufacturer. And DO be careful with BIOS, if you get there. You may mess everything!

All for now. Best wishes. :)

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