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I recently installed new software that requires port 8080 to function. When I try to run the software I get an error that port 8080 is being used. How do I check to see what process is using port 8080 so that I can open up the port to run the software? MACHINE: Windows 7 x64 Does anyone have any suggestions as to resolving this issue? Thanks!!


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Hello and welcome to the forums.
Quick and dirty...
Command prompt type
netstat -an
the port numbers will be those shown after the colon ":" following the IP addresses.
Somewhat more convienent
CurrPorts: Monitoring TCP/IP network connections on Windows
bottom of the page choose the correct version for your install 32 or 64 bit.
Port 8080 is a popular alternate port to operate local instances of a webserver type application, so I would consider that first.

TP x.x.x.205:8080 LISTENING
Results from: netstat -an

I have used CurrPorts and it shows the above IP address and using port 8080 (they have the same process ID, Process: System)

If I installed a webserver of sorts in the past I definitely not using it now. How would I go about changing/canceling the port and reassigning it to the new software?



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use the tasklist command to determine what task is listening and see if it is unique
tasklist /FI "PID eq XXXX" where XXXX is your actual process ID

IMAGE NAME: java.exe

Does this then mean that java.exe is utilizing the port that I need? I go to services.msc but java is not listed there. I open windows task manager:process and end the java process. Is this how to open up the port 8080?


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It would seem so. You can try it that way or simply use the command prompt again and type
taskkill /PID XXXX (again where XXXX is the actual process ID of the offending process)

Thanks for the help.
The taskkill did the work and the port appears to be open: it does not show up in the netstat -an nor in CurrPorts.
The problem still remains: see image.

I talked to the software guys and they said it was a port problem. If the taskkill makes the port does the above process show its not a port problem?


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You should probably first use something like Autoruns and or Process Monitor, from Sysinternals. (Google it) to determine from where java.exe is firing and grabbing the port and take the appropriate steps to prevent that from happening because I suspect that if you reboot the computer as the error message suggests then your issue will begin all over again.
Then you will need to determine if you have a problem with either a third party firewall product or antivirus security suite (with a firewall like applet), or even the windows firewall itself. Uninstall any such third party programs follow that up with their respective vendor specific proprietary uninstaller/removal tool and then experiment with the windows firewall. You can test briefly by simply turning it off, but you will more than likely need to create an inbound and outbound rule to support your program. The software vendor should be able to help you with that.

Sounds good.
I'll post my results within a few days... give me enough time to play around and learn some more, and contact the vendor.


Ok... I got it going.
What I did was very brute force: delete anything that had 'java' and reinstall the software.

All systems GO!!



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Good to hear that you were able to resolve your problem and thanks for posting back and updating your thread with the solution that worked for you.
Thanks for joining our communiity and we hope to continue to see you around
Best wishes

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