Windows 7 Possible solution to the COM Surrogate problem


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I've been struggling with the COM Surrogate dllhost.exe error messages for a while now. They always occured in a window that had thumbnails (NOT video thumbnails, just the thumbnail view, with icons ex: control panel). I think I have it all figured out. I found a million results stating it was a codec issue, but that is not the case for me because I have none installed, plus there's no windows icon codec lol. So I did my own messing around and uninstalled Adobe CS3 Master Suite. Opened control panel and voila, no error. Problem is, as a web designer I use CS3 like toilet paper, so thats not the best fix. So I tried CS4 to see if the problem didn't exist with a newer version. After it was finished I opened control panel, and sure enough it errored again. So I went into the Programs and Features from the control panel and removed the following programs from CS4: Version Cue, OnLocation, and InDesign. That seemed to completely stop any and all COM Surrogate errors I have had. Let me know if this does/doesn't work for anyone else.
I received the Com surrogate issue in build 6801 all the time but since i upgraded to build 6956 and then to build 7000 i have never received it again. What build are you currently using?
I'm actually running build 7000. Just installed it this past saturday. It was an upgrade from Vista SP1 with CS3 already installed prior to the upgrade.
Its a custom build I made since my laptop got stolen awhile back. For gaming and all that jazz ;-). I can't remember too much specifics other than its an Asrock board with a black box phenom quad running at 2.6qhz, 4 gigs of 1066 ram, 2x 500gig sata hard drives, an ati 4870x2, and a 1000w Corsair psu. I think I have all the right info on my PC dropdown under my user name.
Well at least you got the problem solved you said. Thats good thanks for the info. and feel free to up the rep as i am uping urs
Thanks. +Rep back. Yeah, that rounds out all the fixes I needed. There was this, the google chrome 64-bit issue, and the iTunes cd-rom driver problem. The latter was probably the worst. That one issue caused problems with everything. It even prevented me from accessing folders, throwing permission denial messages everywhere. How that works I don't know. But I hope this thread helps some people out.
Thanks. I experienced the same problem after I installed CS4 Master Suite. After removing Version Cue, OnLocation, and InDesign, the problem disappeared.