Power icon deleted from Systray.

I'm new to forums,only posting this so i can post links in another thread,please navigate over there as I could do with some help.

Hello,I somehow fcked up and long story short I deleted the power icon from my Systray.I am on a desktop so it is not exactly necessary but my OCD is kicking in and i'm going crazy looking down on the bottom right and not seing it.When I go into notification area icons it is not there and if i go into "turn system icons on or off" I get this (see attached file) I tried deleting iconstreams and pasticonstream and restarting and it didn't fix anything.Although pasticonstreams is not there anymore iconstreams is.I have tried everything but to no avail.I have done a system restore,pretty much anything you can think of but do please give me tips on how to fix this below because this is driving me crazy,thanks in advance.



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FYI The power settings are just as important to desktop computers as they are to laptops but you don't say HOW this happened so I assume the main issue now is how to fix it.

I recommend;

1. Try the reset to default settings option and if that doesn't work then,
Screenshot (361).png

2. Open your task manager [windows key] + [x] and then press [t]… goto the "services" tab and find "power"… is the service actually running?
Screenshot (360).png


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