Windows 8 Power User Menu not working

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The right click on the start menu, power user menu pops up when I click it but when I click an option like control panel nothing happens. It did work for a while when I first installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview and then stopped. I installed Windows 8 Release Preview hoping it was just a bug from a beta version of the OS but again it worked when I first installed and then stopped after a while.

Any clues guys?

Intel Core 2 Extreme X9650 Quad
8 Gig Ram
Nvidia GTX 480
XFX nForce 7
Crucial C300 SSD 256Gb
Have you tried either or both the System file checker and or a restore point?
Have you installed any third party Start button software overlays which may be impacting it somehow?

I have just tried the Error checking facility on the C drive which says no errors on the drive. I haven't tried system restore as I have only just got my install of the OS back to where it was before I installed Release Preview. If I system restore, I lose all the programs I have installed since the problem started. If I knew when it occurred it would be a start! I can do a system refresh which also loses all of my programs!

I have not installed any hacks to try to get the start button back as I have decided that Microsoft knows best in this case and I might as well get used to it!

Use Refresh your PC w/out affecting Files (See picture)


Hi all

I ended up system restoring back to when it did work so I am sorted now. Just spent the last two days reinstalling all of my programs and games but at least my menu works as it should now!