Pre-order Microsoft 7 for half off e-mail

"Upgrade" in the sense of "change" one o/s for a " better" o/s.

Not upgrade in the technical sense that you can perform an in - place or upgrade install.

Exactly the same is true if you buy 7 separately:

There will be pre order deals - you can upgrade ( i.e. change ) from your existing o/s to 7.

You will a get a somewhat reduced price on the pre order deal - for the FULL version.

That will be £99 ( $160 USD ) in the UK for 7 Pro.

That is why it so much more expensive in the EU - you are buying the FULL disc/license.

MS have unilaterally decided not to include IE8 in the discs they ship to Europe.

They are not sure it is safe to perform an upgrade install for those already have IE8 on their current install.

Therefore they only supply Full versions - not upgrade versions.

Dude--I am only a lowely carpenter--but come on--you got to be kidding about you have to buy a computer to get an oem copy --At least i hope you are-but i wont go there--i have only been building and ocing computers as a hobby for ten years--just built this one --am3 mobo--based--its a monster. :cool:
OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer

They're for the computer's manufacturers (such as yourself) to include with their computer. If there wasn't a limit to what could be done with them, they wouldn't be different from the full-priced copies.


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There are no upgrades available in the EU.

There are only Full versions.

Nehoma: There will be a pre order deal for the Full version for the UK in a couple of weeks.

It is 60% more expensive than the US pre order deal - add tax - add the cost of the physical media ( if you want it ) - add shipping.

You are looking at £99 GBP ( $160 USD) for 7Pro - with the add- ons it will be a lot.

That is what MS has decided - Europeans get a crap deal as usual.
This is the sort of thing that happens with Microsoft all the time and is why lots of people go for OS's like Linux because they hate Microsoft's overcharging. I like this Win 7 but its no big deal. I should have stuck with XP, not much wrong with that.:mad:

MS operate a differential pricing policy .

You can accept special pricing for Developing countries.

Forcing European and Australian, etc. customers to pay far more than their American cousins is not acceptable.

They will have excuses of course. They will probably say - the EU price is good because you get the FULL version.

Many people don't need that - they want the $49 price the Americans get.

MS unilaterally decided they would only provide Full version to Europe - that is up to them. They should still provide the same pricing options the Americans get.

Even where they are providing the identical product - Europeans, etc are still charged a lot more.

They can't pretend that is accounted for by the few cents it costs to ship a a dvd to Europe as opposed to shipping it USA.

OEM (System Builder) license means you can install and reinstall on the same pc as many times as you like. You are not supposed to move it to a different machine.

However, you can upgrade the machine itself as much as you like. Activation will complain if it finds itself on a different motherboard.

I have heard from several people -phone the MS toll free activation number - explain your mobo died - they will activate it for you.

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I was under the impression that Ultimate wasn't included in this offer but I was just looking at Microsoft store and found this Windows 7 - Buy and download from Microsoft Store Sure is a bit of confusion on the upgrades!


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I think you will find that is the normal Upgrade price for Ultimate. The price is in black.

The pre order 1/2 price deal is on Premium and Pro . The price is in red.

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